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Our Packaging and Reuse

pizzas shipped to you

We don't like to waste any more than you do. We constantly tax our brains for reuse ideas.

In order to offset waste, we reuse our community's packing materials. We have a dropbox where friend's drop their leftover packing products from popular food kits. We wash, dry, check for leaks, and reuse all the cold packs and box insulation we can.

We encourage you to reuse the ice packs that came in your box. If you can't, simply cut them open and pour it down the drain. These are drain-safe packs.

Please reuse or recycle the cardboard.

And DEFINITELY reuse the silver thermal bag (they are so cool) – use it for a picnic, use it grocery shopping when it'll be a while before you get home, or keep that wine cold on your way to a dinner party.

We will constantly be creative on how to regenerate and reuse all we can while still delivering the best frozen pizza to your door.